Every organisation should start with a "Y"

strategy, governance, transition & support

That monthly statement, what are we trying to accomplish with that? Does it make sense?
Who can decide this, who gets to decide this? Do we have a framework for that?
Can we forward these data? How do we ensure that the data stays reliable?
How are we going to take up that task on top of the rest? What is needed to manage all that?
Yucca guides organizations and public authorities towards the realization of social added value and in achieving their objectives.
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Geert Vandenabeele
Why ?


Every organization tries to accomplish something. It was founded with a certain goal in mind, has a mission. It organizes itself as good as it can to accomplish that mission. It has goals that it wants to achieve.

Sometimes these are already explicit and the point is to work with them. Sometimes they are unspoken, and will profit from being discussed and being named.

Together with you, Yucca seeks to formulate your vision and goals, turn them into actions, and make it all fit together coherently.

We put the puzzle together and make sure that the mission, long term goals (strategy), short term goals and actions are well aligned and appropriate. Often the best way to do this is to create management and policy plans.
We’ll work it out together, and conclude with a unique and useful working document.

Management and policy plans help to ensure that day-to-day operational actions are systematically coherent with the mission, the tasks assigned to (each part of) the organization. Once it has been drawn up, it remains useful to keep checking on coherence on a permanent or punctual basis. This is a question of effectiveness (are we putting our resources to good use?), but also a question of integrity (are we doing things in accordance with the values impose and chosen?).

We review with you the degree of integrity of a particular action, a specific dynamic in relation to the values of the organization. Or how each piece fits correctly into the overall picture.

How ?


Essential to any organisation is … that it organizes itself. Controlling and reporting, roles and responsibilities, good relations, correcting and learning. Integrity with regard to the starting points, coherence with the objective.

Yucca wants to help you keep or get your organizational structure clear, well thought out and effective.

This applies to the whole as well as to each part. For the daily operation, as well as for a specific project (program management).

We are happy to take on the challenge with you of getting to the right answers with the right questions, and using appropriate tools to do so.
  • Roles and responsibilities
    • Management and reporting lines
    • Logical, coherent, solid
  • Resource planning: budget, people, time – milestones and deliverables
  • Acting and organizing in conformity with laws and regulations, reliable (compliancy)
    • Deontology, confidentiality and transparency
    • Policies and accountability
  • Internal control, organizational control, critical functions, activities, people
  • Business continuity, risk identification, processes
  • Information and data management
    • Legality, finality, proportionality
    • Documentation and management (structure)
    • Confidentiality, availability, integrity

What's next ?


If you know what you are doing and have organized it well, there is a danger of being gently rocked to sleep: to stand still is to go backwards. It remains important to know your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats and to work with them.

Whatever the circumstances, often after clear choices comes the need to put words into action: a path to change, improve, strengthen.

Yucca helps you walk that path.
Yucca can act as external support to draw and monitor the trajectory, or as internal, temporary reinforcement (interim coordination).

Together, we look at how we do this, who is involved and how, what steps we take and when we can be satisfied with them.
  • Company culture based on values / mission, objectives; solid organization, framework
  • Managing and reporting
  • Layout, design and construction
  • Describing processes, temporary coordination

Is everyone involved ?


Whether it is strategy, governance or transformation, without creating, monitoring or maintaining the necessary support base, it will not be a lasting success. The key is to ensure and embed the resilience of the good practices, choices, dynamics, attitudes.

Yucca works with you to ensure that its intervention is useful and relevant to your organization and intended purpose.

We work towards a sustainable, self-regenerating dynamic, to which everyone is happy to contribute, and which lives on when Yucca is no longer involved.
The Yucca vision is therefore diametrically opposed to “Yes we can”. Yucca comes with the conviction of “Yes you can”, and that together we discover it and make it possible.

The social value you create should not depend on chance or a moment of inspiration; it is a matter of organization. Of organizational culture, of corporate culture. And you can work on that, because ultimately, you have it in your own hands.
  • Building and transferring knowledge and skills
  • Yes we can -> yes you can
man in office
“Geert relentlessly propelled the divisions further along the right path, carrying the value of integrity as a hallmark of government action.”
Geert Vandenabeele
“With his knowledge of board and policy sensitivities, Geert was able to discreetly and purposefully provide tools to build a solid work organization.”
business meeting
“Geert works several steps ahead, giving confidence that the next step remained achievable each time, while also always bringing the end goal one step closer.”

Knowledge & expertise


year experience

with organizations & government bodies that want to see their social added value pay off.
Geert Vandenabeele

Geert Vandenabeele

Geert Vandenabeele has a broad experience in defining strategy and transforming an organization accordingly. He acquired this experience during his various engagements as advisor, director, coordinator, manager or line manager with government bodies and associations.

In his previous position, he implemented from a position of responsibility the transformation of a Brussels administration. Prior to that, he also worked at the Belgian federal level, in management control, legal advice and (financial) supervision. He has a thorough knowledge of agreements by and between public authorities (including public procurement and contracts), data and information management and the robustness of structures.

In most of his roles, the involvement of teams and other stakeholders has been a key factor. Getting them involved and keeping them involved in the mission and goals is inherently part of the Yucca approach.

Geert was also an advisor and manager in policy environments related to different governments (including infrastructure, technology, administrative organization). He is therefore very familiar with the social and managerial reality, as well as the transversal challenges (budgets, regulatory frameworks, accountability) for organizations with an administrative aspect.


  • K.U.Leuven – Master in Law (1995) & Univ. Montpellier II – DEA droit Communautaire & européen (1996)
  • B-mediation – mediation training (2011-2012)
  • IVO, K.U.Leuven – law and economic activity, master class management agreements
  • ESCB – communication techniques, management training

Yucca and you

Coincidence and serendipity should be allowed to play a role in a trajectory, as should good roots. That’s how you end up with Yucca.

Not requiring too much maintenance is a nice bonus. As is a diversity of appearances, so that the plant adapts to the environment in which it finds itself and, case by case, thrives best.

However important chance or versatility may be, it does not constitute a solid foundation. They must not come at the expense of what is your uniqueness (core mission) of what is dear to you (values).